Aroma Diffuser


“Use therapeutic essentials oils to create the wonders of nature at home or in the office”

Blend essential oils together or individually. Each oil has a different scent as well as different therapeutic properties. These essential oils are selected to suit individual requirements. The benefit of a diffuser with color lighting and aroma has a calming sense of well-being for the mind and will help you reduce your stress by clearing any negative energy that may be in the room. Our beautiful aroma diffuser will go with any home decor. Read More About Essential Oils


Think about being soothed, calmed, and uplifted through the inhalation of essential oils that come from mother nature. The plant, herbs, flowers and fruits extracts into the bottles will give you pure floral essence. You will then have the idea of the delights of essential oils after long day at work. When you inhale either through diffuser, bath or massage the essential oils will make you feel good and when feel good you share this with those around you as positive feedback.


The scent of plant aromas, relaxing music and soft lights will help create your own body and soul retreat.

Relaxing Oils: Rich, woody and floral scents for a soothing effect.

3-5 drops Sandalwood

5-7 drops Lavender

1-2 drops Geranium

Invigorating Oils: Refreshing and revitalizing. Can even be used when driving to calm your nerves.

5 drops Bergamot

7 drops Lemongrass

Rejuvenating Oils:Relieves fatigue and tension after a long day at work.

5-7 drops Rosewood

1-2 drops Jasmine

2-4 drops Ylang Ylang

Refreshing Oils: This mixture will give you energy and a lift-up to start your day.

3-5 drops Rosemary

3-5 drops Lavender

3 drops Clove

3 drops Orange

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