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More than three decades ago, while living in London, England, Amina Adem began her quest to discover the finest body oils and essential oils to be found from around the world. Her research and training in the field of Aromatherapy was extensive, as she explored the oils from different countries, ultimately developing her own brand of therapeutic grade essential oils, herbal masks as well as a skin care line that is unmatched.


In the early part of her career, Mrs. Adem was trained by Marina Andrews, world renowned author and owner/director of the prestigious Town and Country Health Beauty School in London, England. After successfully completing an intensive training program, Ms. Adem opened a highly sought after beauty salon in the affluent New Bond Street area of London. Her unique results earned her a reputation that gained the attention of Dr. Dev Basra, an accomplished London plastic surgeon. Dr.Basra immediately requested that Mrs. Adem treat his patients following medical procedures. In addition, world renowned Regenerative Medicine Specialist Dr. Fouad Ghaly sought Mrs. Adem to assist him in developing anti-aging facial protocols for his patients. She has continued to consult with Dr. Ghaly for the last 20 years, giving him valuable advice regarding skin aging aesthetics.


Mrs. Adem eventually brought her unique blend of pure essential oils and skin care to Torrance, California where she continues to share her gift for enhancing health and wellness through aroma therapeutic solutions. Mrs. Adem shares her love of essential oils and skin care at Amina Aromas, www.aminaaromas.com, a business that has been recognized in countless health and beauty magazines around the world. Mrs. Adem has also worked with well known skin care companies such as Origin and Shieshedo. In addition, she is certified by the Board of Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Her first Beauty Center was selected by the American College in London for the highly coveted honor of performing fashion show make up artistry two years consecutively. Mrs. Adem has received notoriety in several local magazines, as well as industry standards such as Hair and Beauty Magazine and Sayidaty Magazine.


Carrying all natural premium quality pure essential oils and natural body oils as well as an all natural skin care line, women and men everywhere can now experience an inner awakening based on the hidden power of nature’s aromatic bounty. Amina Aromas seen at www.aminaaromas.com, invites visitors to discover the wonderful effects of Aromatherapy and the harmonious essence of aromatic body oils and skin care. Making sure only the purest and high quality ingredients are in the line; no animal ingredients are in the products(sulfate free) nor is there any animal testing performed on any of the essential oils or skin care products.


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